Garsport Hero Safety antistatic safety shoes

Hero safety


Garsport Tholosa safety shoe is a low-cut suede shoe, with toecap and anti-puncture midsole in composite material. ESD marked product (electrically dissipative) necessary for work in contact with microchips, for the production of sensitive electrical parts, for painting, in the laboratory, in the medical field and for work in contact with flammable liquids and gases.


This collection is conceived to give maximum lightness and comfort. Made with smooth leather, composite midsole and toecap, these shoes are suitable for indoor and mechanical work as well as for lightweight building industry. Some of the models of this line feature ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) technology, which allows a discharge of static energy from one body to another. In contrast with normal safety shoes which only have the antistatic markings (A), ESD marked shoes are electrically dissipative, so during use they keep discharging to the ground the static electricity accumulated by the human body. ESD shoes are available in all safety classes and are required for: microchips processing, production of particular electrical components, in painting, in laboratories, in the medical field and in handling flammable liquids and gases.