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Eva Low ultra-light safety shoe S3 designed to meet even the most demanding women workers’ requirements, thus available only in women’s sizes. Featuring the new Pyramid outsole in vulcanized compressed rubber, and a full grain microfiber and suede leather upper, it’s antistatic and oil-acid resistant.

The new Pyramid sole by Garsport is a vulcanized rubber sole with a low density polyurethane midsole (PULL 38) and a compact thermoplastic film coating designed to resist impact and abrasion. This new technology has been conceived according to the technical features that a safety shoe musthave. POLYESTER has been chosen, as its nature is in line with the accident prevention environment, and it provides much more solid structure than polyether. Thanks to a careful formulation and the use of Premium raw materials, it has been possible to achieve a very low specific weight with optimal comfort, rebound and compression set characteristics for an innovative next decades’ footwear.